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Destination Weddings

Today many couples are choosing a Destination Wedding in an exotic location over a traditional wedding at home.  A Destination Wedding allows friends and family the opportunity to celebrate your big day in a very unique and memorable way with a mini-vacation, all while saving the Bride & Groom time, money, and stress!

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  • The average cost for a destination wedding is less than $10,000 versus the cost of a traditional wedding that averages $27,000 or more!  A destination wedding creates a truly unique experience that you will remember forever by inviting your closest friends and family.  We can help you turn your wedding day into an unforgettable “mini-vacation” for you and your guests.


  • There are SO MANY options to choose from, and there truly is a perfect destination for every couple.  Whether you want a traditional wedding or a non-traditional wedding, a destination wedding can be as simple or as customized as you desire.  We will work with you to provide all the information you need to make the perfect choice!  Together, we will review beautiful resort options, check date availability for your ceremony, and carefully review pricing for you and your guests.  Why trust an online photo of a location when you can get first-hand knowledge from someone who has been there?


  • We will help ensure that you know the legal requirements and are prepared.  Each country has different legal marriage requirements, and it is important to know what documents are needed, time requirements in the country, etc. to ensure your marriage is legal and stress-free.


  • Booking packages as a group versus individual bookings can offer you and your guests’ significant advantages and savings.  We work with the resort to block out an adequate number of rooms for all of your guests.  If a guest books on their own, they may not be able to get the same price advantages as a consolidated group, and the bride and groom may not receive all the perks and benefits they would be entitled to. 


  • Communicating with international wedding coordinators can be a challenge!  We have relationships with excellent resorts in all destinations, and will ensure that you and the wedding coordinator are communicating and have the same vision for your wedding.


  • We provide you with updates of your guests’ travel arrangements as they book, so you will know who will be attending your wedding.


  • We are there for you and your guests should you need assistance prior to, during, or after your travels, and will be your advocate should there be any issues.

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